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Matteus 6:13 bevat een toevoeging

De zogenoemde ‘doxology’ die voorkomt in Matteus 6:13 is een toevoeging.

Het gaat om het volgende stukje;

“Want van U is het Koninkrijk en de kracht en de heerlijkheid, tot in eeuwigheid. Amen”.

Adam Clarke zegt het volgende in zijn commentaar; “for thine is the kingdom, etc. – The whole of this doxology is rejected by Wetstein, Griesbach, and the most eminent critics. The authorities on which it is rejected may be seen in Griesbach and, Wetstein, particularly in the second edition of Griesbach’s Testament, who is fully of opinion that it never made a part of the sacred text. It is variously written in several MSS”.

John Gill’s exposition on the bible; “For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever, Amen. This conclusion is left out in the Arabic and Vulgate Latin version“.

In Calvin’s commentary staat het volgende; “For thine is the kingdom It is surprising that this clause, which agrees so well with the rest of the prayer, has been left out by the Latins: (444) for it was not added merely for the purpose of kindling our hearts.

Greek testament critical commentary; “The doxology must on every ground of sound criticism be omitted. Had it formed part of the original text, it is absolutely inconceivable that all the ancient authorities should with one consent have omitted it. They could have had no reason for doing so; whereas the habit of terminating liturgical prayers with ascriptions of praise would naturally suggest some such ending, and make its insertion almost certain in course of time. And just correspondent to this is the evidence in the var. readd. We find absolutely no trace of it in early times, in any family of MSS. or in any expositors”.

Het is duidelijk dat dit stukje in matteus 6:13 een toevoeging is. En niet is opgetekend door ‘Matteus’ in diens Bijbelgeschrift.